What We Do

LANO for Educational Services

is the market leading university agency in Iraq recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and by the Ministry of Education. Since our establishment in 2006 we have focused on providing our students with the best possible assistance and guidance in choosing the right course and university. Our national presence makes us easily reachable to students and to academic institutions.

Our mission is to participate in the reform process of the Government to create a modern and professional society and act as a bridge between the students and international educational institutions.

تأسست مرکز لانو للخدمات التعلیمیة فی سنة ٢٠٠٦ فی العراق لهدف خدمة الطلاب العراقیین و مساعدتهم للحصول علی القبولات الجامعیة خارج البلد ومساعدة الجامعات العراقیة في بناء علاقات أکادیمیة مع الجامعات الأجنبیة. یمثل المرکز حالیا أعدد كبير من الجامعات والمعاهد في بریطانیا، أسترالیا و مالیزیا. مرکز لانو معترف بە من قبل وزارة التربیة ووزارة التعلیم العالي

سەنتەری لانۆ، نوێنەری چەندین زانکۆی جیهانیە، لە ساڵی ٢٠٠٦ دامەزراوە بە ئامانجی یارمەتیدانی خوێندکاران و ئەکادیمیەکانی کورد و عێراقیە بۆ بەدەستهێنانی بڕوانامەی بەرز بۆ پێشخستنی گشت بوارەکانی ژیان لە کۆمەڵگایەکەمان وە هەروەها دروستکردنی پەیوەندی ئەکادیمی لە نێوان زانکۆ بیانیەکان و زانکۆ کوردی و عێراقیەکان. سەنتەری لانۆ لە لایەن وەزارەتی خوێندنی باڵا و وەزارەتی پەروەردە باوەڕپێکراوە

Universities and Colleges

Since our establishment, we focus on providing quality service and cooperate with market leading institutions from different countries. The key benefit for partners is to gain instant access to key potential markets and expand their links to existing institutions and prospective clients. 

Tailored Industry and Language Courses

LANO provides students in the country the opportunity to improve their English levels prior to joining a Pre-Sessional English course or the academic study abroad.

We have extensive experience in delivering tailor-made courses for different academic, professional and business sectors. Most of the courses can be bundled with English Language courses to prepare local employees to the levels required by international firms.

Language Practice Areas

Oil and Gas

Financial & Professional Services



Resources and Infrastructure

Communication and Entertainment

IT & Telecom

Design & Engineering

Marketing & Communications

Event Organization and Management

LANO has extensive experience in organising conferences and exhibitions across industries. Since June 2012, we have organized many exhibitions and conferences attracting political, academic and industry decision makers and stakeholders.

With our local content knowledge, we are able to organize and manage events with short notice and provide tailor-designed packages to suit individual client needs.

With strong connections in Erbil, Suleymania, Duhok, Basra and Baghdad, turn-key solutions are offered on-demand from idea generation through to final delivery.

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